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  • Religion and Belief
    Ramadan Guidance 2019

    During Ramadan, from dawn until sunset, Muslims are obliged to abstain from all forms of food, drink (including water), smoking and sexual intercourse. Most Muslims will wake before dawn for a meal before the start of their fast, and break their fast with dates and water at sunset and a meal thereafter.

  • Religion and Belief
    The Ramadan To-Do List

    During Ramadan, there are various things you can do to raise awareness and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

  • Religion and Belief
    Ramadan Quiz 2020

    Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and is considered to be the most sacred month. We have put together a quick quiz to test your knowledge of Ramadan.

  • Religion and Belief
    Ramadan Guidance 2020

    This document provides an overview, context and awareness raising for Inclusive Employers who want to ensure inclusion of their Muslim colleagues during this important holy month. As with many aspects of normal life, the Covid 19 virus will have an impact on how people can practice their faith and this includes how people can observe Ramadan this year.

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