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    Religion and Belief
    People smiling and learning
    Religion and Belief Package

    This package aims to provide best practice guidance on how to approach religion and belief in the workplace. Additionally, to provide content which goes beyond workplace issues to help raise awareness about the major religions in the UK – to help further our understanding of each other.

  • Religion and Belief
    Ramadan Quiz 2019

    We have put together 11 questions and answers to test your knowledge of Ramadan.

  • Religion and Belief
    Signpost Document 2019

    Links to useful resources and articles about religion and belief.

  • Religion and Belief
    Ramadan Guidance 2019

    During Ramadan, from dawn until sunset, Muslims are obliged to abstain from all forms of food, drink (including water), smoking and sexual intercourse. Most Muslims will wake before dawn for a meal before the start of their fast, and break their fast with dates and water at sunset and a meal thereafter.

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