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    Inclusive Line Manager Conversations

    Why is a culture of conversations an essential part of an inclusive organisation? We have developed this resource to help you understand why, and support you to develop this within your organisation. Please click on the download link below to access this resource.

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    Inclusive Procurement

    Welcome to our Inclusive Procurement, Best Practice Guide. Please click on the link below to download these resources. Within this download you will find: 1. A pdf of the complete guide - Inclusive Procurement Best Practice Guide pdf 2. A Word template of the Supply Chain Diagnostic tool  for you to download and use 3. A Word template of the Inclusive Procurement Policy template for you to download and use 4. A Word template of the Equality Analysis Form template for you to download and use.

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    Inclusive Workplaces
    Team of colleagues making plans
    A Guide to Creating Inclusive Workspaces

    An inclusive working environment is one that allows everyone to perform to their full potential regardless of difference. In the UK, the commercial value of diversity and inclusion is recognised and as a consequence, many employers have put in place policies and practices aimed at creating a more inclusive culture.

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