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  • Discrimination Case Law
    Levy v McHale Legal Ltd (May 2019)

    This case was a useful illustration of how the particular wording of job advertisements may serve to place individuals of a certain age at a disadvantage and result in employers falling foul of equality laws.

  • Discrimination Case Law
    Marshall v Southampton and SW Hampshire Area Health Authority (2 August 1993)
  • Discrimination Case Law
    Mrs C A Hobbs v Avon Care Homes Ltd (6 January 2020)

    The Chief Executive claimed their rational for not hiring a black recruit was because of the attitudes of residents in care homes. They instructed Mrs Hobbs to act unlawfully, and to lie.

  • Discrimination Case Law
    O’Hanlon v Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs (30 March 2007)

    This case provided clear legal direction that employers would not be expected, as a reasonable adjustment, to continue to pay sick pay to an employee whose disability-related sickness absence has led to them using up all of their contractual entitlement to sick pay.

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