Black History Month Webinar Package

Celebrate Black History Month in October 2022 ‘Time for Change: Action Not Words’ across your whole organisation with our in-house webinars.

What is the Black History Month webinar package?

We have collated a suite of Black History Month webinars to celebrate the month and to help you feel equipped with language and knowledge, to develop your curiosity and gain advice on how to show active allyship that can be delivered in-house individually or as a package, by our expert consultant team.

The theme for Black History Month 2022 is ‘Time for Change: Action Not Words’. It aims to highlight that while there is a history that can be acknowledged and learned from, that we cannot move forward without action and working together to achieve shared goals of equality and equity.

This means that allies must step up and do the work to support and make space for Black people. Our webinars hope to provide a better understanding and champion allyship within the workplace.

These webinars could be delivered during Black History Month, or you could keep the conversation going within your organisation and schedule the webinars over a number of months – we can be flexible and are open to discussing your specific requirements.

What to expect:

Format: Webinars with interaction on Zoom polls, Chat Box, Slido and Mentimeter

Platform: Zoom, Teams, or your preferred platform

Number of attendees: Maximum of 250. We can also record webinars so you can make them available to colleagues who were not able to attend.

Length of individual webinars: 1 hour

What content will there be on the webinars?

Learn more about what content will be included in our Black History Month webinars below.

1) Why do we need Black History Month? A look back at Black British history

We will explore:

  • What is BHM?
  • The origins of BHM
  • The vital need for BHM – examples of issues still facing Black people today and examples of the great successes of Black people in the UK.
  • How do we celebrate and recognize BHM in the workplace?

2) Celebrating Black Voices – Future History Makers

We will explore:

  • Progress in anti-racism made by the Black community in the UK today
  • Educators, influences and changemakers to be aware of
  • How you can get involved in anti-racist action in your workplace

3) Introduction to Anti-Racism

We will explore:

  • Terminology and inclusive language
  • The difference between ‘not racist’ and ‘anti-racist’
  • White privilege and allyship
  • How to begin having conversations about race and racism – creating safe spaces
  • How to turn those conversations into actionable steps – in the workplace, and in your everyday life

4) Next steps in Allyship

We will explore:

  • Looking back – reflecting on why we need to continue the conversation
  • Best practice – where have we seen success over the past couple of years?
  • Looking forward – what are the current areas of focus?
  • What can individuals and organisations do next to take accountability and dismantle racism?

5) Intersectionality and the Black experience

We will explore:

  • The concept of intersectionality
  • Some examples of the complex barriers intersectionality can present as a Black person
  • How to ally and support Black people who are facing intersectional challenges

6) The influence of Black culture in Britain

We will explore:

  • Black successes that you may not have been aware of
  • Ways that Black contributions have shaped our society and culture
  • How to enjoy and celebrate Black culture and contributions without appropriating them
  • Why it is so important to highlight these and teach others

To download more information on our Black History Month webinar package, click the link below.

Black History Month Month webinar package costings

  Members price excl VAT Non-members price excl VAT
Individual webinar, including design, delivery and recording £750 £800
Package of 2 webinars £1,500 (£750 per webinar) £1600 (£800 per webinar)
Package of 3 webinars £1,950 (£650 per webinar) £2,100 (£700 per webinar)
Package of 4 webinars £2,600 (£650 per webinar) £2,800 (£700 per webinar)
Package of 5 webinars £3,250 (£650 per webinar) £3,500 (£700 per webinar)
Package of 6 webinars £3,300 (£550 per webinar) £3,600 (£600 per webinar)

How to book your Black History Month session(s)

Members, please speak to your account manager.

Non-members, please get in touch here for more information. 

How else to get involved

Many organisations believe that raising awareness around awareness days and months can be extremely beneficial and a fantastic learning opportunity.

We have a huge selection of race-related resources for our members that can help you with your conversations.

We also have an anti-racism toolkit available to assist your organisation in developing an anti-racist culture.