Microaggressions are tiny behaviours that reveal our unconscious and implicit bias. A key part of addressing bias in the workplace is identifying these microaggressions. Understanding they exist is the first step to being able to spot, challenge and mitigate these behaviours and our training will support and equip you with the confidence to do this.

Microaggressions Training: Why You Need It

For underrepresented groups in your workplace – including women, LGBTQ+ colleagues and ethnic minorities – implicit bias in the form of microaggressions affects wellbeing, their sense of safety and ability to succeed and feel valued at work. Unconscious or implicit bias may already be a core part of your training offer, but it is important that microaggressions are also incorporated into your organisation’s learning, to truly get under the skin of our biases and begin to embrace real inclusion.

Microaggressions Training: What You Will Learn

Inclusive Employers microaggressions training creates a challenging and supportive space for delegates to identify microaggressions in the workplace, consider their impact and commit to challenging them both in themselves, and in their colleagues.

Microaggressions Training: Who Will Benefit

Everyone in your organisation can benefit from this training, including:

  • Anyone with inclusion and diversity responsibility;
  • Line Managers and Hiring Managers;
  • Senior Leadership;
  • Staff Network groups, and;
  • HR Teams.

Microaggressions Training: What is Our Approach

A fun, engaging and thoughtful approach underpins all Inclusive Employers training and we ensure delegate appropriate HR policy, legal and caselaw touchpoints are included. We focus on behaviour change and our training is packed with tips, techniques and practical take-aways. Microaggressions training can be built into your staff induction, as an open half-day training, a lunch and learn or a session for a whole team or department. It can also be incorporated into a half-day unconscious bias training.

Our focus is on developing training that is hard wired to your organisation’s purpose, values and frameworks.

Some examples of learning approaches for this topic are listed below and visit our digital and face-to-face training approach pages for more details.

Learning options:

  • Digital: eLearning modules, webinars, virtual learning space – at your own pace and time;
  • Face-to-face: learning bursts to suit your schedules, half and full day training are some options.

To discuss how we can work together to deliver Mircoaggressions training within your organisation fill in our quick enquiry form. We’re looking forward to working with you.