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Trans Inclusion – Inclusive Employers Statement

Our purpose at Inclusive Employers is to challenge inequality and champion inclusion. In recent years, the trans and non-binary community has become more visible in society and the public eye. We have been delighted to see increased awareness of the diversity of the trans community and increased understanding of the breadth of gender identities. Unfortunately, this increased visibility has come with increased hostility towards some members of the trans community.

Trans and non-binary people face discrimination and harassment:

  • At work[1], including from colleagues, managers, customers and clients;
  • In public, including verbal and physical abuse [2];
  • Online, particularly on social media where targeted harassment, bullying and abusive comments and even attempts to find and share trans people’s previous names and current address[3];
  • They also face barriers to accessing healthcare[4], such as long waiting lists for treatment, and instances of transphobia from healthcare professionals.

We cannot and will not stand by while trans people are still fighting discrimination every day on multiple fronts, and facing harassment and even violence.

At Inclusive Employers we are committed to trans inclusion. Nobody, cisgender or transgender, benefits when we perpetuate rigid gender roles. The way forward to make everywhere inclusive for women, men and non-binary people is to work together. Not just on Trans Day of Remembrance and Trans Day of Visibility, but every day of the year.

We commit to:

• Speaking out when we witness or hear transphobia;
• Challenging decisions that exclude trans people, including ways of thinking that perpetuate a rigid gender binary;
• Learning how best we can support our trans colleagues at all times;
• Educating ourselves and those around us.

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