Our Statement of Commitment and Action

Unlawful black killings are not new. Racism is not new. We must seize this moment in time and work together to be stronger, to challenge racism in ways that have not been seen before. To face up to the reality of our unconscious biases, prejudices and challenge ourselves.
We can, and we do, stand with our brothers and sisters across the globe in peaceful protest, against the inhumane killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. We also acknowledge that peaceful protest alone is not enough, we must take action.

As a team at Inclusive Employers, are making a commitment to work even harder to stop racism. We will remain honest and be ready to listen and learn. And we urge you to join us.
Our purpose at Inclusive Employers is to challenge inequality and champion inclusion. This has never been more important than right now. We stretch our arms in support to all those that are marginalised, victimised and excluded from opportunities and to all black people who have lost their lives and to those people who fear for their and their families safety and face racism, every day.
We commit to:

  • Speaking out when we witness or hear about racism;
  • Challenging decisions that we consider to be excluding;
  • Learning how best we can support our Black colleagues at all times;
  • Educating ourselves and those around us to understand systemic, institutional and societal racism; 
  • Amplifying the voices of Black and ethnic minority people;
  • Challenging ourselves and asking questions, even when it feels uncomfortable.

Join us. Take action to be actively anti-racist. Commit to truly supporting the Black community. Commit to absolute inclusion.