Face to Face Training

What is it

Traditionally face-to-face training is one of the most effective approaches to equip delegates with new or enhanced skills and approaches. A trainer will guide a group of delegates through a learning programme to:
Equip them with a clear understanding of the content;
Engage and empower them to do things differently, to make inclusion an everyday reality.

Face-to-face training will use a slide deck, printed materials and exercises. The group will work in pairs, small teams and as plenary group to explore practical approaches to the content.

Why does it work

Face-to-face training works because the sessions are lively, practical and engaging. Inclusive Employers ensure the delegates are immersed in theory that they can apply to practical everyday situations, making theory a reality. The face-to-face approach also allows for productive group discussion, which enables peer-to-peer learning.

Another reason why face-to-face learning works is because it is fun! And at Inclusive Employers, we’re expert and creating safe and engaging learning spaces.

How does it work

Ideal group size is for face-to-face training is 12-20 delegates. The costs vary according to the number of days of delivery booked and the level of involvement from you, the client. The costs are based on daily rates and the most cost effective way is to plan two three-hour sessions per day. This offers a maximum delegate reach of 40 colleagues per day.

Visit our Learning and Development page to find out about the diversity and inclusion subject areas we can explore together or get in touch to talk with our inclusion experts about your specific needs.