Which inclusion assessment is right for my organisation?

The Inclusive Employers Standard is Inclusive Employers inclusion accreditation. Depending on where you are at on your inclusion journey our Foundation Assessment may be more suitable for your organisation.

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Inclusion accreditation or Foundation Assessment

The Inclusive Employers Standard (IES) is more than an inclusion accreditation. It is a framework to support organisations to deliver their inclusion and diversity strategy. Importantly, it is a continuous process that supports organisations wherever they are at on their inclusion journey.

Organisations can take the IES more than once – its feedback process encourages progress and improvement and by participating again you will find out how your organisation has developed and used the feedback from the initial accreditation process.

Some organisations will be ready to take the full Inclusive Employers Standard accreditation, but for those at the beginning of their inclusion journey the Foundation Assessment may be more suitable.

Is the Foundation Assessment right for me?

The Foundation Assessment is for organisations looking to kick start their inclusion journey. If inclusion is new, or at the early stages, for your organisation the Foundation Assessment is a brilliant way to understand where you are at and how you can begin to put inclusion practices in place.

What does the Foundation Assessment involve?

Like the Inclusive Employers Standard, the Foundation Assessment includes a series of questions that are based on the six pillars of diversity and inclusion.

The Foundation Assessment can be taken at any time of the year, it is not bound by set timeframes like the Inclusive Employers Standard.

Once you have submitted your responses to the assessment you will receive a comprehensive feedback report that provides a gap analysis, guidance on best practice and the opportunity to meet with a member of our expert consulting team.

Our aim is that the Foundation Assessment will identify ways for your organisation to be more inclusive and allow you to review and develop your inclusion strategy and action plan.

How to apply for the Foundation Assessment

To find out more about the Foundation Assessment get in touch with Lindsay Lerigo, the Senior Inclusive Employers Standard Programme Manager.