Hosted by Inclusive Employers, National Inclusion Week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace.

This year’s theme is Everyday Inclusion, which aims to:

· Celebrate everyday, practical ways you can create an inclusive environment in your workplace and inspire others to do so

· Engage your organisation in the commercial and social opportunities of inclusion

· Generate new ideas to make inclusion an everyday reality

This year Inclusive Employers are partnering with Sky in order to:

- widen the reach of National Inclusion Week

- celebrate the way inclusion has been embedded at Sky

- spotlight and share some of their success’ such as: including people across the country, supercharging staff networks and closing the pay gap

To date over 400 organisations have participated in National Inclusion Week with a reach of well over a million colleagues.

How does the week work?

Organisations use NIW to highlight their commitment to inclusion by organising events, communications, activities and resources.

During the week, we'll also shine a spotlight on 10 of our members who are making great progress in their organisations.

To help you plan for NIW and beyond, we'll share ideas via email, social media and here on our website!

It's completely free to take part, and you don't have to be a member of Inclusive Employers.

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