• Dry January Starts

    A month long challenge to give up alcohol, following the indulgence of the festive period.

  • Introduction to Inclusion
  • Blue Monday
  • World Religion Day
  • Woman jogging
    Mental Health and Resilience Webinar

    This webinar will equip colleagues with an understanding of resilience and the psychological research which supports how to build your own resilience and support your mental health. It is packed with practical exercises which colleagues can do at home to change their ‘thinking traps’ and build their resilience.

  • Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Person going up climbing wall
    The art of thriving during times of uncertainty

    Have you ever noticed how people react differently when things are tough or uncertain? Some feel anxious and worry about what the future holds while others appear calm and just take it in their stride. Right now, most of us are experiencing a changed reality with challenges we’ve never experienced and high levels of ambiguity. In this webinar we will explore how our own perspectives influence how we experience, act and react to challenging situations and ambiguity, and share tools you can use to re-frame and learn to thrive.

  • Working mum on laptop with child
    Supporting a more agile workforce

    While agile and flexible working has been on the agenda for a while, COVID-19 has really accelerated that conversation, with many employees now experiencing and expecting more flexibility around their working patterns and shifts. Join this webinar to understand more about flexible and agile working and how the conversation around it has developed because of current events

  • Black History Month (USA) Starts
  • LGBT History Month Starts