National Inclusion Week: Each One, Reach One Webinar – Anti-racism: how to implement structural change

12:00-13:00, Tuesday 29 September

Webinar outline

The Black Lives Matter movement has shaken organisations across much of the globe.  For many it has sparked a genuine attempt to address the issues, leading to debate and discussion and new initiatives.

This webinar, co-hosted with Associate Donna Murray-Turner, will focus on how organisations can develop a strategic response to the issues of racism, centred around a deep and clear understanding of structural racism; rather than taking a more initiative-focused approach.  This is not about adopting quick or easy solutions but about following a path that will lead to longer term change.

This webinar will cover:

  • Structural racism and how it plays out in the workplace;
  • The history and narratives that underpin structural racism such as: white privilege, white fragility, white supremacy;
  • What is anti-racism?
  • How you can be a catalyst for anti-racism in your organisation.

How to book your place:

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  • Member places are limited to 5 per webinar, we will automatically cancel any booked over the 5 limit. You will be notified on the email you registered with that your booking has been cancelled.
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