Consultancy Services

Whatever the need, our approach is flexible and responsive and solutions are always bespoke, adaptable and creative. If you can't find what you are looking for, please get in touch 020 7803 0689.

recruitment process assessment

Recruitment processes have a significant impact in the diversity of candidates and new entrants to an organisation. This impact is significant throughout the organisation's structure. This is why it is very important to get these processes as objective as possible to minimise the impact of biases. We have experience conducting assessments of recruitment processes to maximise the diversity of your organisation.

The assessment includes reviewing processes, interviewing staff involved, whether they are recruitment managers, panel members or recent hires. We assess websites for accessibility, and can recommend how to improve your inclusive brand. We also look at recruitment files if required. When the assessment is concluded we write clear and targeted recommendations with quick wins and long-term changes.

How does IE deliver this support?

To make sure the recruitment process assessment will work for your organisation we would need to arrange an initial consultation, please call to find out more 020 7803 0689.

inclusion strategy

Part of our ethos at Inclusive Employers is 'Action gets Traction' and a good way to drive this is to have an Inclusion Strategy which is action focused, achievable and measurable. We work with businesses to assess what best practise they already have and set goals for the future. We would take into account the resources that are assigned to inclusion and diversity in the organisation and create a strategic document which steers the inclusion and diversity work into the future.

A strategy is important because it gives the organisation a focus and goal, it makes sure that limited resources are being spent efficiently and are receiving the greatest return on investment, it can be used as evidence to the workforce of your actions and commitment, and to your sponsors or budget holders as evidence of impact made.

How does IE deliver this support?

We can provide Strategy Consultancy in a couple of ways; we can support you with ideas and advice whilst you develop your strategy, or we can develop and write the strategy for you. We can also provide communications support in launching the strategy across the business, and our partner agency Strudel can create a graphic style to accompany the plan.

equal pay

Under the Equality Act (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations, organisations from the private and voluntary sectors with more than 250 employees are required to publish information on equal pay and the differences in pay between male and female employees. Employers have started to make this information public already.

To help you proactively tackle this complex issue, we have developed the following flexible and tailored set of services. We can guide you through the process, support you in developing the narrative around any differences or conduct the project on your behalf.

Data Analysis Action Planning Embedding Inclusion Total Reward Strategies
Defining the scope of the review Designing a meaningful credible SMART action plan Designing your inclusion strategy to embed equal pay Embedding reward into inclusion strategy
Data and number crunching Equipping your organisation to implement the recommendations Auditing processes: recruitment, promotion, reward Adapting policies, processes and governance to address pay gap
Investigating pay differences: quantitative and qualitative data analysis Communicating internally and externally on pay review results Branding your inclusive organisation Connecting reward to talent management, HR and business strategies


Many of our members and clients find it helpful for one of our consultants to facilitate their action planning meetings, communication with executive boards, inclusion and diversity steering groups or staff networks. A consultant can bring an external perspective, share ideas and best practise, and help to join ideas together to make steering groups successful. The consultant would establish what all parties want to get out of the meeting, and make sure discussions are captured in actions leaving the meeting.

How does IE deliver this support?

We offer Facilitation as a one off session, or as an ongoing service such as chairing boards.

Human resources Policy review

When we undertake a policy review our objective is to create a streamlined, accessible, modernised and compliant policy suite that reflects inclusive employment practise. At the start of the project we scope out issues around the status of existing policies (and any negotiation/consultation requirements), any duplication issues and the policy framework.The review itself involves a detailed audit, followed by redrafting and updating in ongoing discussions with our client. Finally we develop a "decommissioning plan" for the old policy and a launch plan for the new. A clear and accessible HR policy is central to ensuring employment decisions are compliant, fair and support business goals.

How does IE deliver this support?

We start a Human Resources Policy Review with either a face-to-face or telephone consultation.


One of the most topical areas of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is supporting working parents. Our maternity support package offers practical support for women either during maternity leave, or on their return back to work. We help with the communications during leave and the transition period back into employment.

How does IE deliver this support?

The maternity support package is provided by qualified experts and delivered on a one-to-one or group-based scenario.


Investigations and resolutions are often more effective and credible when external experts are called in to support or manage the process. We are able to provide this specialist support – from interviewing those involved, panel membership, advice to managers and report preparation along with grievance related advice. Our reports structured to ensure clarity and read-across with Employment Tribunal requirements.

How does IE deliver this support?

The grievance resolution and investigation package is provided by qualified experts (FCIPD).


Mediation provides an effective way to manage and resolve ongoing disputes. It is a voluntary, informal process that allows parties in dispute to reach an agreement through the help of a mediator. It gives both parties the chance to communicate with each other – probably for the first time – about the issues leading to the dispute in a neutral and confidential environment.

Why use mediation?

Ongoing disputes use up energy, time and sometimes even money, especially if legal proceedings have started. They affect not just the disputing parties but also those around them including fellow colleagues and workers, family and friends. Workplace disputes can also affect productivity and the business. Choosing mediation shows a willingness to move on to a positive place free of conflict. By deciding the terms and conditions of settlement, the parties are more likely to reach an agreement that they respect and is long lasting.

How IE delivers mediation

We offer mediation services face-to-face, by telephone or online.


IE’s coaching sessions provide line managers, supervisors, L&D professionals and D&I specialists with a coaching framework, case studies based on best practice and some practical tools to improve their coaching skills.

Why use coaching?

Understanding your own style of managing and recognising the varying approaches that can be used is the first step towards adapting to the needs of your team or your workforce. It is a business imperative for managers to get it right, to strengthen relationships and see enhanced productivity and morale as a result. Once learned, these skills can be applied to a variety of workplace situations.

One-to-one consultancy

As well as consultancy services offered to an organisation’s board, and the whole workforce, IE provides one-to-one consultancy in the form of mediation, coaching, executive coaching, professional development coaching and support, grievance investigation and resolution.

Why use a one-to-one service?

Our bespoke, and independent advice can come in very handy when you need an expert, or just an extra resource to deal with a specific situation. You might not have the expertise in-house or you may just want someone from outside the organisation with no agenda. IE is happy to provide that ad hoc, one-to-one consultancy service either face-to-face, by telephone or online.