McDonald’s sponsors National Inclusion Week 2022

We're delighted that Inclusive Employers' founder member, McDonald's, is partnering us as this year's National Inclusion Week sponsor.

McDonald's long standing relationship with Inclusive Employers highlights their commitment to progressing I&D, which is one of the many reasons they are the perfect sponsor for our 10th year of National Inclusion Week (NIW). In this interview you will find out how McDonald's use NIW as a platform for championing inclusion and how they benefit from their partnership with Inclusive Employers.

Read on to learn more.

When did McDonald’s first start working with Inclusive Employers, and why?

McDonald’s first partnered with Inclusive Employers almost eleven years ago.  We began this partnership as we were becoming more established on our inclusion journey and looked for expert guidance within the DE&I space.

Can you tell us about your inclusion journey during your time as members?

We have been making progressive strides within this area for several years and our momentum continues to grow as we become increasingly aware of not only how important DE&I is to our business, but ethically the right thing to do. 

Our journey is far from over and we still have lots to do, but our awareness is growing and participation is strong across both our company and franchise owned restaurants. 

Our goal is to represent the diverse communities in which we operate by dismantling barriers to inclusion and accelerating a culture of inclusion within the business.

We undertake various activities across the business as we collectively strive to be the most inclusive brand.

What are the benefits of being an Inclusive Employers member in 2022?

The benefits to us as an organisation is having the resources and support to help us to scale our inclusion journey. We know we have made huge strides in this space – but there is always more to do.

This partnership gives us a chance to share what we have learnt so far, as well as learning from others. Sharing best practice across the industry allows us to go on this journey collectively. None of us is as good as all of us.

Why has McDonald’s chosen to sponsor National Inclusion Week 2022?

This will be the second time that we have sponsored National Inclusion Week and we recognised the impact that the first event had, not only on our employees but our customers too. 

It’s an important part of who we are that our employees can be authentic at work and that our customers feel welcomed in our restaurants. 

National Inclusion Week allows us to consolidate all of our achievements and share them on a larger scale. It also gives us the opportunity to create an atmosphere of fun and that culture of care and collectively celebrate differences.

How do you use National Inclusion Week as a platform in your organisation?

Lots of our restaurants already celebrate differences and they regularly share best practice with each other.  This platform allows us to unite as one and generate further passion for inclusion and involve our customers within our journey too.

Do you have any advice for other employers on how to get involved with NIW this year?

Recognise National Inclusion Week as exactly what it is.  An opportunity to share all of the activities that you have grown awareness in across the year. 

We would recommend using this week as an opportunity to unite your employees and listen to what they feel is important, no matter where they are on their inclusion journey, and to further create a sense of belonging.

A huge thank you to McDonald’s for joining us as the sponsor for National Inclusion Week 2022 and for sharing their experience here. If you are not yet signed up for NIW 2022, you can find out more and register today!