5 reasons to register for the Inclusive Employer’s Standard today!

Find out, from organisations who have been through the process, about how taking part can really add impact your inclusion strategy.

1. A well rounded and commercial inclusion and diversity strategy

“The process of completing the submission highlighted our gaps, so we were able to produce a gap analysis report for our D&I committee, so we can start working on those areas even prior to obtaining our results. The Standard is about so much more than achieving accreditation, it is about highlighting areas to work on to ensure a really well rounded and commercial D&I strategy that benefits our employees, our customers and the business.”

Metlife, 2019 Participant

2. Creating visibility on inclusion at a senior level

“Our Inclusion and Diversity Plan was due to be reviewed, we have now done this and added our Inclusive Employer’s Standard feedback into our new plans. It is great for our senior team to see that we have been benchmarked nationally and are doing what we can to address any issues, but also celebrate our achievements. As a result of our participation in the Standard we are now building inclusion KPIs into our Strategic service plan and considering how we can measure the inclusion activities we undertake.”

2019 Participant

3. Understand how inclusive your organisation is now

“Great tool to review where you are in your inclusion journey, but also to give food for thought for what else you could be doing.”

2020 Participant

4. A thorough and detailed approach

“The depth of detail is one of the reasons we chose to use the Inclusive Employers Standard and why it will gain credibility. Other organisations do not offer the same level of depth.

The Inclusion Employers Standard is a credible way of benchmarking and planning your D&I journey. We have adopted the 6 pillars to help implement our D&I strategy.”

East Midlands Railway, 2020 Participant

5. Ongoing, tailored support that enables you to really implement your inclusion goal

“Our feedback meeting was really useful in terms of being able to acquire resources and knowledge of practices within other organisations to support us in achieving our goals.”

2019 Participant

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