“5 minutes with…” Aamani Rehman

Who are the people that make inclusion an everyday reality? This feature gives you the chance to find out more about the team behind Inclusive Employers - our values, stories, motivations and inspirations.

This month we interview the newest member of the Inclusive Employers team, Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, Aamani Rehman. Scroll down to find out what made her primary school teacher so inclusive and memorable!

Can you tell us how you came to be Inclusion and Diversity Consultant at Inclusive Employers?

I have been working in inclusion and diversity for a while. Sometimes in official roles and others in a voluntary capacity. I come from a cultural background that had the ability to exclude others – this really made me much more observant as a kid.

I would often call out family members and quickly became the outspoken one who would question too much. After years of watching the panic increase in everyone’s voice , as soon as I started asking questions like : ‘Why can’t girls do this?’ or ‘Why do people bully people that look different?’  – I realised not everyone is asking these questions.

I took this a sign that maybe no one is talking about it – so it must be my responsibility, with my big mouth and quick wit! So with a quick sip of my caprisun and dropping of my crayons, I set this to be a goal of mine.

This attitude followed me through school, work and in my personal life. My faith has a huge role to play in it also… all equal in the eyes of God, and what not!

Can you share an ‘inclusion moment’ with us – a time when you have felt included either at work or in your personal life?

My first experience of being included, was actually more related to my mother. My primary school teacher knew that my mother’s first language was not English, so she went out of her way to produce a progress report in Urdu. Seeing my mothers face as she read about my progress in a language she understood, made me so happy. She was finally included.

I didn’t have to translate anymore, and my mum hugged me as she felt proud because she could finally understand what was being said.

That teacher went above and beyond and to this day I think about how much that feeling of inclusion meant to my mother.

What do you love most about your Inclusion and Diversity Consultant role?

Meeting new people and learning about others. There is no right or wrong answer, there are only different perspectives and connection. I love meeting people and learning from others and hopefully being able to offer a service where people can learn from me too!

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me starts with trying to set my intention! How can I make a difference today? Be it during my working hours or beyond. I start with emails and then move onto working through my day plan. I think it’s important to try and slow down the day and reflect. I try my best to pray and take lots of notes on how I can improve!

What’s been you most memorable moment working at Inclusive Employers?

I am new here (4 weeks in!) so it is hard to choose one moment but I love catching up with the amazing consultants! That is always great fun. The entire team are wondful, I love hearing their stories and sharing experiences. I look forward to it continuing!

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