Black History Month webinar packages

Celebrate BHM October 2021 across your whole organisation with our in-house webinars!

After the success of our Pride and NIW webinars, we are excited to be adding to our portfolio of informative and engaging in-house webinar packages. We have designed a suite of BHM webinars to create interest, spark debate and raise awareness that can be delivered in house individually or as a package, by our expert consultant team. 

These webinars could be delivered during BHM or you could keep the #UnitedforInclusion and “Proud to be” conversation going within your organisation and schedule the webinars over a number of months – we can be flexible and are open to discuss your specific requirements.

What to expect:

Format: Webinars with interaction on Slido, Mentimeter, Zoom polls and Chat Box

Platform: Zoom, Teams, Webex, or your preferred platform

Number of attendees: Maximum of 250. We can also record the webinars so you can make them available to colleagues who were not able to attend.

Length of individual webinars: 1 hour

Webinar Overviews

1. Tackling Racism – our learning since the death of George Floyd
The BLM movement shook the world in 2020 following the tragic death of George Floyd. Inclusive Employers ran various webinars on topics such as ‘How to have fearless conversations about race’ and ‘Anti-racism – becoming catalysts for change’.

We also worked with multiple organisations on these topics and their wider strategies and programmes to tackle racism. In this session we will identify the key learning gained from these activities, consider the level of progress that has been made and share our ideas on how organisations can take the next active steps in dismantling racism for good.

We will explore:
• Key learnings from our anti-racism programmes
• Progress so far
• What should individuals and organisations do now?

2. Being Anti-racist (Part 1): Developing confidence in conversations about race
Being Antiracist takes courage and action. It is about visibly challenging discrimination and engaging in conversations that will lead to action and change. While as a society we have been examining and reflecting on our relationship with race and racism, many still do not feel confident enough to engage in this conversation – sometimes through fear of getting it wrong, fear of being judged, or fear of not operating in a safe space.

This webinar will explore some of the challenges faced by employees of all races and ethnicities when talking about race. We will look at some key concepts to help build your confidence to start conversations that can lead to change.

We will explore:
• Why this is relevant to everyone – through data and real-life examples of the barriers faced by Minority Ethnic groups in society.
• What it means to be Antiracist: how it differs from non-racist and how the concept has helped evolved the conversation around personal accountability.
• Intersectionality: appreciating individual experiences and how different parts of a person’s identity play a role in their lived experience.
• Unpicking White Privilege – what it is, how it creates blind spots for White people and barriers for other, and how to use one’s privilege to help elevate the voices of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people.

3. Being Anti-racist (Part 2): From conversation to action
Being Antiracist takes courage and action. It is about visibly challenging discrimination and engaging in conversations that will lead to action and change. This webinar will focus on how to move your antiracist efforts from conversation to action. With a focus on the workspace, we will look at what Antiracism looks, sounds and feels like in practice, and explore actions that organisations and individuals can take to become antiracist.

We will explore:
• Creating safe spaces: what it takes to create a safe space where conversations and action can happen.
• Addressing language and understanding microaggressions – understanding what race-related microaggressions are and how they have an impact on individuals and culture. We will explore practical ways to challenge microaggressions.
• Unconscious bias: examples of how biases create barriers for ethnic minority groups at work, and what can be done at individual and team level to help mitigate these.
• Antiracist allyship: understanding individual accountability and identifying key actions to actively contribute to change.

Listening circles and other resources

Many organisations have found that following awareness raising, colleagues want to progress the conversation internally and benefit from having a safe place to talk and share experiences.  Inclusive Employers can help facilitate this through our listening circles. If you are interested in this and are a member please speak to your account manager or get in touch here.

Members also have access to our Black History Month 2021 Package and our anti-racist toolkit is launching during National Inclusion Week.


  Members price excl VAT Non-members price excl VAT
Individual webinar, including design, delivery and recording £600 £700
Package of 2 webinars £1150 (£575 per webinar) £1359 (£675 per webinar)
Package of 3 webinars £1650 (£550 per webinar) £1800 (£600 per webinar)

Book your Black History Month training: 

Members, please speak to your Account Manager. Non-members, please get in touch here for more information.