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What is National Inclusion Week?

National Inclusion Week is a week dedicated to learning about and celebrating inclusive culture.

Since its beginnings in 2012, the week has grown to become a well-known event that unites organisations and individuals from all over the world.

When is National Inclusion Week?

This year, National Inclusion Week 2022 takes place from 26th September – to 2nd October.

How did National Inclusion Week start?

National Inclusion Week began 10 years ago, with the first theme being “Think Differently”. Since then, National Inclusion Week has become a global celebration for organisations, and individuals, to celebrate and take action towards inclusion.

Take a look at this article to see the 10-year history of National Inclusion Week.

National Inclusion Week was initially created to encourage organisations to focus on inclusion and consider the benefits of having a diverse workforce.

Over the last 10 years, the importance of workplace inclusion has come to the forefront for many organisations. National Inclusion Week is now a milestone event in the I&D calendar, where organisations come together to champion inclusion.

Why does National Inclusion Week change its theme every year?

Each year, National Inclusion Week has a different theme to represent and draw attention to inclusion.

You can take a look at our history of National Inclusion Week visual here to learn more about the themes for each year so far.

This year, the theme is Time to Act: The Power of Now.

Our Managing Director of Corporate Services, Rupert Moyne, has put together information on how the theme for 2022 was created, and why it is so important.

How many people get involved with National Inclusion Week?

In 2021, 60 million people connected during National Inclusion Week. 2022 is set to be one of the biggest National Inclusion Week celebrations yet – and we can’t wait to welcome more individuals and organisations to get involved.

How to celebrate National Inclusion Week

For such a big event, it can be hard to know how to properly celebrate. Take a look below at some ideas for National Inclusion Week to get you started:

Make sure to register for National Inclusion Week

To properly get involved in Inclusive Employers National Inclusion Week, you need to register. If you’re already a member with us – don’t worry, you’re automatically a supporter of National Inclusion Week.

If you’re not yet a member, you can become either a free registrant or a paid supporter. Check out the two options and the benefits below.

Free registrant

As a free registrant, you will have access to a basic National Inclusion Week 2022 toolkit and one free place on a selection of National Inclusion Week events.

Paid supporter

If you are a member of Inclusive Employers, you are automatically given access to the supporter level of National Inclusion Week.

The paid supporter level of NIW is available to everyone, whether you’re an organisation or an individual. As a paid supporter of National Inclusion Week, you will have access to the full National Inclusion Week 2022 toolkit and one free place on all National Inclusion Week events (you have your normal five places if you’re a member).

Use the toolkits

Whether you’re a free registrant or a supporter, use the toolkit to plan and support your National Inclusion Week celebrations.

You will find logos, daily actions, planning tools and more to help you get involved!

Attend webinar events

Inclusive Employers has put together a huge selection of National Inclusion Week webinar events. If you’re not yet registered – click here to register for National Inclusion Week and (dependent on the level of registration) gain a free place at our events.

Our virtual events during National Inclusion Week will explore a variety of inclusion topics, such as inclusive recruitment, anti-racism, staff networks and more.

If you’re looking to support the learning of our wide organisation during National Inclusion Week, we also have a selection of in-house webinar packages available – that you can explore and access here.

Share on social media

Social media is a great way to get involved with National Inclusion Week. Share your stories, your experiences, your celebrations and more with everyone by using the hashtags #NationalInclusionWeek and #ThePowerOfNow.

Raise awareness

National Inclusion Week is a great time to put the focus on inclusion within your organisation. Raise awareness of issues and emphasise that this is the time to act.

Get everyone in your organisation talking about inclusion and raising awareness of why it matters all the time.

Provide training

As part of your National Inclusion Week activities, consider getting training for your organisation. It is an opportunity to develop and learn new things along the way. Providing training is a really good starting place for many people and can lead them to become more intrigued with inclusion.

Focus on the theme

The theme of NIW is a great way to spread the message of inclusion and you can create a lot of activities from it! It can be as simple as adding ‘Time to Act: The Power of Now’ visuals around your office or on emails.

Practising the power of now and learning about why acting now is important in inclusion comes with a huge selection of lessons itself.

Closing thoughts

Last year over 40m people connected to celebrate inclusion. National Inclusion Week 2022 is going to be the biggest celebration of inclusion yet, and we can’t wait for people around the globe to get involved.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do this here. If you have, that’s great and we look forward to celebrating the week with you!

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