10 years of workplace inclusion

We celebrated 10 years of Inclusive Employers in May 2021!  We celebrated by pushing forward with our mission to make every workplace an inclusive employer, where every colleague values differences and can contribute their skills and ideas fully to their organisation.

The past, the present and the future of workplace inclusion

Earlier this year we launched our 10 Years of Inclusion survey as we wanted to understand more about how far workplace inclusion has come, current inclusion priorities and the potential for inclusion in the next 10 years. The below infographic summarises our findings and we will launch a full report later this year.

To download our infographic, click here.

10th birthday infographic
The past, present and future of workplace inclusion infographic.

Research methodology: The findings are taken from a pool of 126 respondents who were surveyed in April 2021. Respondents were geographically spread across the UK and working across a wide spectrum of sectors. Just over half (56%) of the respondents were a member of Inclusive Employers, and half of all respondents were working in HR, L&D or I&D roles, providing a unique perspective of inclusion practices in 2021.

Find out more about Inclusive Employers on our website or listen to our 10th birthday podcast to find out why we launched Inclusive Employers 10 years ago.